b JMR's Weekly tournaments
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Welcome to the DP weekly tournaments!

Whatever the turnout, every Saturday, teams will battle it out to prove their skill.

A fun community event, for everyone.

NEXT TOURNAMENT: Saturday, August 6th
12:00 BST


  • Signups open on the day of the tournament 20 minutes before the start. Join the channel #tournaments on the discord server. Message me (JMR) or post in the channel your clan ID, team name, tag and roster.
  • Link to the Discord server: Digital Paint: Paintball 2 Discord
  • Information and instructions will be given through the #tournaments channel on Discord.
  • Matches will be played on JMR's Tournament servers which are hosted in London.


  • Funclans with "funtags" are allowed, but only with an appropriate tag & name (G-Rated tags only). Funclans will be treated just the same as normal clans and will be subject to these rules.
  • The team closer to the top(vertical) of the bracket join up first to the colour of their choice.
  • You may not disconnect during an active round. If you wish to reconnect to fix lag issues, you must do it once the current round has ended. "Rounds starts in 8..."
  • If no subs are available, you must play with the numbers you have.
  • If a person times out, you may not capture the flags on that person. Try your very best to drop your flags before that person loses connection completely.
  • If a player disconnects during an active round to prevent a flag capture, it is an instant auto forefit for the disconnecting team.
  • Reconnecting is not allowed.
  • Time limit is 15 minutes.
  • You must only use team-chat. The only exception is to call out when a fellow teammate has timed out.
  • Teams must wear the tag of the team that they signed up with.
  • No switching teams. Once the tournament starts, players must not switch their team to join a new roster.
  • You are not allowed to switch to observer to sub during an active round.


The full map list can be found here. Map elimination is rather basic. The team closer to the top(vertical) of the bracket eliminates a map from the list first. Then the other team eliminates a map and so on. The map that is left, is the map that is played.

Each weekly tournament will have a local maplist which would include 9 maps chosen from the global maplist.
Every single week, on a Monday the local maplist would change, only using the maps from the global maplist.
More information on the global maplist can be found here.

Teamwork is key.

Competing in competetive tournaments means that you are competing to prove your skill. Significantly, in this game, if you want to win, you cannot do it by yourself.

Practice, practice, practice.

Everyone likes to win, but winning doesen't come easy. To give your team the best chance, practice as often as you can!

Try your best.

The whole point in these tournaments is not only to increase the competition, but to rank teams against each other, so teams can prove if they are the best.

The local maplist consists of 9 maps which are chosen from the global maplist. This list will change each Monday.

pbcup_renoir, pbcup_pforest, carpathian, propaint1, pbcup_sassault, castle1, pp_sw, beta/twiling_b3, ruggedcountry

Pbcup Renoir


Pbcup renoir is a large map with 3 ways to mid, low, high and a bd. All paths lead to mid, however, a dangerous speedjump over mid high to the enemies sideway can easily allow for quick escape. The map has an open base and a large mid. The sooner you get to mid, the better.

Download Map File

Download Loc File

Pbcup Pforest


Pbcup pforest provides two long paths that lead to eachother's dry/wet. In the center of the map, there is a switch which you can speed to, allowing for complex flanks and escapes. The base at pforest is very simple, but there are many jumps which can aid you in speed.

Download Map File

Download Loc File

Carpathian Mountains


The Carpathian mountains cannot be played by individuals alone. Without teamwork, on this map, your team will be at a huge disadvantage. Control mid, you control the game, but do not let them sneak past ice!

Download Map File

Download Loc File



Propaint1 is a simple team-based map. It has a mid low, mid high and has one flag, making it a great universal map.

Download Map File

Download Loc File

Pbcup Sassault


Pbcup Sassault is a compact map with lots of cover. Make your way into a good position, but watch out for flanks!

Download Map File

Download Loc File



Castle1 can not be won individually, the map has two flags which are spaced far apart, which in turn provides a unique gameplay experience. Whether you prefer to rush or defend, you have to be wise about where you go.

Download Map File

Download Loc File



A rather popular European map that although is rather small. Despite it's size, pp_sw still has quite a few ways to base and to grab. If you don't know the jumps, you'll find your opponents speeding over your head and capping before you can blink. There are two flags, both of which are suspended on top of platforms. You can get from each base to the other very quickly.

Download Map File

Download Loc File



A large, open map with two flags. Both of which are separated. Players spawn with either a VM, Spyder or Carbine. There are two autocockers that you can pick up on each side. Mid low is a death trap, go there and you'll find yourself picked off.

Download Map File

Download Loc File

Rugged Country


A very unique map with three routes to base. There are also two wrap-arounds. One of which leads to your main, the other which leads to your 2nd-flag caves. Ensure that your teammates are paying close attention to where the enemy is. If you are going to defend on this map, you need to stay on 2nd flag. Otherwise, they can rush out with 2 through the caves and capture it.

Download Map File

Download Loc File

Graveyard Siege


The only Siege map in the tournament maplist. There is a Church with a graveyard. You can jump on your teammate's head to get through a window, or perform various jumps and climb down through the top tower. Make sure your teammates attack all at the same time.

Download Map File



A classic map which has been played for a long time. There is one flag and three ways into base. You spawn with no equipment. You can choose to rush, line or camp at base. If you get a lead, you can just hold base and win by timelimit.

Download Map File

Download Loc File

Sassault 4


A large, open, sandy map which takes quite some practice to learn. Mid is very large and there are four ways into base, making this map very difficult to defend on.

Download Map File



Ice. 1 flag. Ice.

Download Map File

Download Loc File



Two flags, medium-sized map. There are many different strategies and positions you can utilize; Mid low, Mid and Mid high. It is very important that you predict where the enemy is.

Download Map File

Download Loc File



A large, yet narrow map, with two flags and many rock platforms. There are two routes to base, which are wet and dry. There are many different jumps and positions. In order to grab on this map, you must use teamwork and rush in as a group.

Download Map File



One of the few maps in the game with a white flag-layout that works and the only map in the tournament with a white flag. There are also two flags at each base, however, the white flag is only worth one point, but it can be tempting. Ensure to clear out mid before grabbing it.

Download Map File

Roanoke Excavation


Released in 2008, this map has been played a lot, especially in the NA scene. The map is rather big and has two flags. Be careful not to forget about the routes from low to base. Mid low is separated by a metal platform, you can drop down to this from mid high.

Download Map File


(beta/w a l l e d_b3)

Two flags which can both be sped to. It can be rather difficult to defend on this map. There is a mid high and a mid-low. Be careful not to let the enemy sneak past.

Download Map File



Description coming soon

Download Map File



Description coming soon

Download Map File

Download Loc File



Two flags which are separated. You cannot defend on this map. There are three ways you can grab second and four ways to which you can grab first. If you want to succeed on this map, you need to pick off enemies and rush. Don't lose sight of mid low!

Download Map File

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